Helping Residents Find Care and Support in Kershaw County

Use our database to find a doctor, support group and more.

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What Is Your Need?

My Family or Me

I need resources for myself or family member

  • Are your looking for medical care or mental health care for yourself?
  • Are you looking for medical care or mental health care for a family member?


I am a provider and need to help a patient or client find care

  • Do you need help connecting patients or clients with providers?
  • Do you want to make sure you or your practice is in our databases?

Policy Makers

I am a policy maker in Kershaw County in need of decision making information

  • Are you looking to learn more information on what resources are available in Kershaw County to best guide community decisions?

Where Can I Find Support in Kershaw County?

Use our resources to find support for your needs in Kershaw County.

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